ASSETs+ EU Conference

“European Defence Sector: Navigating the Future through Skills and Innovation”. Over 100 participants and 24 speakers joined our Final Conference, in-person event organized by our partners Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and Censec, at La Chaufferie, Brussels, last November 28.

ASSETs+ at FGB Knowledge Apéro Unlocking the potential of Human-Tech Synergy in Europe’s Security Landscape

The event was organized by our partner Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB) in collaboration with ASSETs+, in Brussels on November 27, 2023.

The topic of this eleventh FGB Knowledge Apéro was related to how together humans and technology can forge a security landscape that is not only effective but also just and equitable.

In an era where security challenges are becoming increasingly complex, the fusion of human expertise with advanced technology has never been more critical. Europe stands at the forefront of this paradigm, seeking to harmonise the power of human skills with the precision of technological innovation to create a security landscape that is robust, responsive, and resilient.

The transformative role of human-tech synergy covers the integration of artificial intelligence, cyber defense, and state-of-the-art surveillance with the irreplaceable nuances of human decision-making is shaping a safer future for all. This synergy is not only about the tools we employ but also the skills we hone. The demand for technical proficiency in managing complex security technologies is on the rise, and with it, the need for critical thinking, ethical judgment, and strategic decision-making has never been more pronounced.

The opening words were given by Liga Baltina, Head of the Labour Market and Skills Research Unit at Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, and introducing the theme and moderation by Gualtiero Fantoni, ASSETs+ coordinator from the University of Pisa; with the key interventions of Daniel Segovia, from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Mateo Burgos, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Éric Grivel, Bordeaux INP.

Knowledge Apéro is an afterwork informal gathering with invited guests for sharing discussion and wine. Networks bring inspiration, multiplying the dimensions of value generated by individuals, institutions and companies.

ASSETs+ event at BBG School

This event aimed at young students, within the framework of the Tech4Kids initiative, paved the way for future developments of the project focused on Tech4Youth.

Last August 24, a hundred secondary students from Next Baltorp Business Gymnasium (BBG), in Ballerup, Denmark, dove headfirst into the captivating world of the defence industry with talks from – among others – CEO Dan Hermansen from Mydefence and CEO Steven Friberg from UXV Technologies, in collaboration with Forsvarsministerets Materiel og indkøbsstyrelse and Forsvarets Personalestyrelse.

Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to visit DALO Industry Days -the largest exhibition in Denmark of equipment primarily from the defence industry-, where they got to explore everything from the tiniest screws and bolts to complete military vehicles.

Tech4Kids is an innovative ASSETs+ project activity that aims to introduce children to the exciting world of aerospace and defence by allowing them to explore and learn about the technologies used in these industries.

Louise Juel from Censec

ASSETs+ at CDID 2023

On August 22, about 300 participants from Denmark and abroad had the opportunity to discuss relevant policy issues, defence matters and industry aspects at the Copenhagen Defence Industry Day (CDID) and ASSETs+ was there with a booth, where our partners from Censec provided information about our project.

The event offered a great opportunity to gain new insights and to meet and network with leaders of the defence industry, and to discuss with and gain knowledge from high-level decision-makers from the Danish Ministry of Defence, the armed forces, universities, and a wide range of defence companies.

The keynote was given by the former Prime Minister of Denmark and former NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who is now a consultant for Volodymyr Zelenskyj.

CDID was organized  by DI Danish Defence and Security Industry Association (DI FOS) in collaboration with CenSecDanish Chamber of CommerceNaval Team Denmark and Danish Maritime.

ASSETs+ at Paris Air Show 2023

The 54th edition of the Paris Air Show took place at Le Bourget Parc des Expositions, from 19 to 25 June. This international event brought together all the players in the aerospace global industry around the latest technological innovations, and ASSETs+ was there.

Some figures of this edition:

  • 2,500 exhibitors from 46 countries
  • 300,000 Visitors
    • 130,000 unique Professional Visitors (43% from outside France),representing 210,000 entries
    • 170,000 General Public Visitors
  • 322 Official Delegations from over 100 countries.
    • 222 Official defence and civilian Delegations from 97 countries, including 39 ministers and Secretaries of State, 54 Chiefs of Staff
    • 100 Official national and European civil Delegations

The 55th edition of the Show will take place in June 2025.

ASSETs+ at the R&D Management Conference 2023 Responsible and Responsive Innovation for a Better Future

This international event took place at Pablo de Olavide University in Seville (Spain), on June 17-21.

The R&D Management Conference is an international event initiated in Manchester in 1980, which annually brings together academics and practitioners concerned with the study of R&D, technology management and innovation. This year’s theme was “Responsible and responsive innovation for a better future”.

ASSETs+ presented the paper “Detecting technologies and skills for innovation with data-driven analysis and Human-in-the-Loop: a Case Study on a Defence related Domain”that describes the approach applied in the ASSETs+ project, the European Blueprint for Defence, to understand a strategy to up/re-skill students and professionals in the Defence sector. The output is a roadmap of technologies, skills, and job profiles, providing valuable insights for stakeholders in industrial and education domains and policy makers to orient their actions towards the needs of the labour market. The method can be replicated in other technological domains and industries.

Authors: Irene SpadaVito Giordano and Gualtiero FantoniUniversity of Pisa.

ASSETs+ at AM Village 2023

The event, organised by the European Defence Agency (EDA), took place from 12-16 June 2023 in Ede, The Netherlands, at the Koninklijke Ladmacht’s Fieldlab Smartbase. Our partners from EWF presented and validated the Cybersecurity profile.

AM Village 2023”, the first European military Additive Manufacturing (AM) capability development workshop, brought together industrial AM capabilities and military AM experts. It aimed to define military use cases – focusing on deployed military missions – and to identify appropriate AM technologies which can potentially provide logistic advantages to deployed armed forces.

The event was composed of industry demonstrations and academic workshops, aimed at fostering cooperation amongst various stakeholders working towards interoperability for AM applications for military purposes.

2nd ASSETs+ Tech4Kids

The 2nd ASSETs+ Tech4Kids event took place in the framework of the AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine “Space Day”, on May 30, 2023

120 middle school students had the opportunity to participate in various fun activities and testimonials during this event organized by our partner AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine, with the aim of introducing children to the exciting world of aerospace and defence by allowing them to explore and learn about the technologies used in these industries.

Thanks to all the partners and volunteers without whom this day would not have been possible: AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine, Cap Sciences, NAASC Centre Spatial Universitaire de Nouvelle Aquitaine, AFDET France, Le LAB, Super CAM, Trades and Qualifications Campus AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine, Lycée Flora Tristan, Les cordées de la réussite, Yoann GAC, Laure Cottereau and Françoise Billebaud.

ASSETs+ at the European Defence Innovation Days 2023

500 participants and more than 50 stands from across the European defence community at this high-level event, that took place on 31 May and 1 June in Brussels.

Our partner Irene Spada, from the University of Pisa, presented ASSETs+ at the European Defence Innovation Days event, organised for the second year running by the European Defence Agencyunder the auspices of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

This edition focused on the challenges and opportunities in connecting technological innovation and capability development, bringing together start-ups, defence industry and the wider defence community as part of EDA’s Hub for EU Defence Innovation (HEDI).

Seminar Characterizing key societal factors for cybersecurity commitment

Our partner Irene Spada from the University of Pisa, and member of the research lab Business Engineering for Data Science (B4DS), presented the study “Characterizing Key Societal Factors for Cybersecurity Commitment“, at the University Charles III of Madrid, on May 23, 2023.

The rise of cyber-threats in recent years is leading to increased concerns about security in both the private and public sectors, as well as for individuals and society as a whole. However, little attention has been paid to the cultural factors that influence national commitment and capacity building to face cybersecurity challenges.

In order to address this gap in understanding, Irene Spada together with Gualtiero Fantoni, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering at the University of Pisa and coordinator of the ASSETs+ project, and José María de Fuentes and Lorena González, Associate Professors of the Department of Computer Science at the University Charles III of Madrid, have studied the links between the culture values of 81 countries worldwide and their cybersecurity policies, in order to assess the commitment of these countries to the cyber domain.

The analysis involves the use of statistical techniques and open access repositories of metrics as well as indicators of countries and population development to model and measure the relationship between culture and cybersecurity.

The results demonstrate that indeed there is a statistically significant relationship between culture and cybersecurity. The key factors that shape this relationship include different countrie’s cultural values, the political systems with its characteristics, and aspects of their military. Moreover, the key factors identified may act both as drivers and blockers for the cybersecurity commitment and skill development of a country.


The international Defence and Security Exhibition FEINDEF, that took place in Madrid last May 17-19, has achieved a new record in its figures with respect to the previous edition, so far the best of its trajectory, and ASSETs+ was there.

Organized by the Feindef Foundation, FEINDEF 23 is the only fair in Spain of the Defence and Security sector institutionally supported by the Spanish Ministry of Defence, and is positioned as the most important Defence and Security event held in Spain, which opens to the world offering new business opportunities.

Our partners from Andalucía Aerospace Cluster and CATEC (Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies) and Mateo Burgos, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, offered information about the ASSETs+ project at this three-day fair committed to technical and scientific research and innovation as a driver of economic and technological development and social integration.​

ASSETs+ at the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Military Officer Profession (SQF-MILOF) Familiarisation Course

This training activity, organised by the Italian Centre for Higher Defence Studies (CASD), took place in Rome, on May 15-17, 2023. Our partner Manuela Costone from CIMEA, shared relevant experiences on qualification frameworks in the Defence sector and presented the ASSETs+ project.

Designed to help EU member states develop and classify military qualifications by describing specific learning outcomes for the military officer profession, SQF-MILOF serves as an interface for the various education and training opportunities offered in different countries and a tool for comparing different programmes.

By simplifying the identification of equivalent training carried out in other countries, it facilitates vocational education and training exchanges between the Member States and enhances the creation of a common peace, security and defence culture.


The Conference took place on May 11th and 12th at the Instituto Hidrográfico – Marinha, Lisbon (Portugal).

The IDEIA 2023 Conference – Research, Development, Experimentation and Innovation of the Navy – promotes the sharing of knowledge in an open innovation ecosystem between Defence, Academia and Industry, for the identification of innovative capabilities and disruptive solutions. The theme of this 4th edition was the “Robotization of War”.

ASSETs+ participated in the conference to present the skills need for emerging technologies in the Maritime sector.

ASSETs+ at EDUCON 2023

The conference, organized by the American University of Kuwait (AUK), was held in Kuwait, last May 1-4.

EduCon 2023 saw two ASSETs+ representatives take the stage to present some of the defence training innovations which have come out of the project:

  • Baptiste Pesquet (Bordeaux INP University) presented the paper “Artificial Intelligence for Defence in an EQF6 Training and Education Program, From the Design to the Execution“, (authored by Éric Grivel, Baptiste Pesquet, Tudor-Bogdan Airimitoaie and Akka Zemmari), which ended with a video featuring the seasonal schools and feedback from students who participated in the courses.
  • Éric Grivel (Bordeaux INP University) presented the paper “Sharing Our Positive Experience About the ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge” (authored by Éric Grivel, Mateo Burgos, Dorota Stadnicka and Gualterio Fantoni) which focused on the European Defence Challenge and the role of challenge-based learning in defence technology training. The conclusion of his presentation incited participants of the conference to spread the word about the challenge as well as the ASSETs+ project itself. Both presentations were met with positive feedback and interaction with the other conference attendees in the audience.

The ASSETs+ representatives also attended the plenary sessions which touched on issues of inclusion and diversity in engineering education, as well as the impact of Metaverse and generative AI on education. In addition, different tracks were addressed which included “Infrastructure and Technologies for Engineering Education”, “Innovation, Methods, Teaching and Learning Experiences in Engineering Education”, and even tracks on gaming in education with topics such as “Serious Games, Game-Based Learning and Gamification for Engineering”.

Overall, the ASSETs+ experience at EduCon 2023 was a success and a great opportunity for the project consortium to present its innovations and results in defence training while also taking part in discussions of current themes in education on an international stage.

ASSETs+ at Build your tomorrow with ALTEN event

On April 29th, the School of Engineering at the University of Pisa hosted the event “Build your tomorrow with ALTEN”, supported by ALTEN and EUROAVIA Pisa.

Our partner Elena Coli, post-doc researcher at the University of Pisa and member of the ASSETs+ project team, discussed ASSETs+ goals and achievements during her presentation at the event.

In addition, she introduced the IV edition of the European Defence Challenge for inviting students from across Europe to propose innovative solutions to various challenges facing the Aerospace & Defence industry. The fourth edition of the competition promises to be even more exciting than the previous ones, with new challenges and opportunities for young researchers to showcase their skills.

The event was a great success, also thanks to the hard work and support of ALTEN and EUROAVIA Pisa, who organized and sponsored it.

ALTEN is a leading engineering and technology consulting company that provides innovative solutions to various industries, including Aerospace & Defence.

EUROAVIA Pisa is a local branch of EUROAVIA, which is one of the largest aeronautical and space-related student organizations in Europe.

ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge IV: Launch event

The Launch Event of the IV edition of the Challenge took place on streaming on April 11, 2023. The organizer of this edition is University of Pisa and the event  hosted by the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering.

The ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge (EDC) is a competition open to undergraduate and graduate students from all over Europe on Defence emerging technologies and skills with the aim of increasing awareness on Defence issues among young generation, to reinforce the EU identity and to engage students in active learning experiences.

In this edition, titled “Leading through Complexity: Effective Management in Defence Environment”, we aim at exploring the use of management methods in Defence sector as key to navigate complexity in the defence project and achieve mission success.


11:00 – Welcome

  • Maria Vittoria Salvetti, Director of the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, University of Pisa

11:05 – European Defence Associations 

  • Burkard SchmittDefence & Security Director of the Aerospace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD)
  • Federica Valente, Research, Technology, Innovation Coordinator at the European Defence Agency (EDA)

11:25 – Introducing the Challenge and timeline

  • Irene Spada, University of Pisa, EDC IV organizer

11:35 – European Defence Industry & Bodies

  • Michel Bosco, Associate Professor and Researcher IAE Nice Graduate School of Management, Université Côte d’Azur, France
  • Colonel Anselmo del Moral, Executive Director of the University Centre for the Spanish Civil Guard

11:55 – Experience exchange and motivations from EDC III winners

  • Antoine Lebret & Sarah Joron, from Sciences Po Lille, Master Strategy, Economic intelligence, and Risk Management (SIGR)

12:05 – Final Remarks

  • Gualtiero Fantoni, University of Pisa, ASSETs+ Coordinator

ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge III: Awards Ceremony

The EDC III edition Awards Ceremony took place online on March 28, 2023 during which we could meet the winners of this III edition together with the opening of the IV edition of the Challenge and the new topic.

In this III edition of the Challenge, 140 registered students from different European countries participated to share their vision on the topic ‘Security, threats identification and defence strategies’.

ASSETs+ at ENDR Conference: Towards a greener Defence

85 participants from the European Defence Industry gathered on January 24, 2023, in Bordeaux to discuss the latest innovations contributing to the sustainability and greening of the EU defence sector.

The Conference included a round table on talents and skills, with the participation of our partners Eric Grivel from University of BordeauxBenoit Consolini from Aerocampus Aquitaine and Michel Dubarry from Rolls Royce.

ASSETs+ was mentioned as a key project working to highlight future skills needs, and designing training programmes to prepare the future workforce with new skills and knowledge related to key technologies that will be expected in Defence sector in the coming years. The European Defence Challenge was also mentioned as a key initiative to raise attention of young people on defence issues and to develop attractiveness of the sector.

Participants could exchange best practices and introduce existing solutions contributing to the greening of the sector and implementing the Green Deal objectives, enhance synergies between civil and defence companies, identify needs from the industry and introduce EU programmes supporting R&D.

The event took place in the framework of the European Network of Defence-related Regionsorganised by the European Commission, the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, its Development and Innovation Agency and its regional partners.

More information:

ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge III: Webinar with Experts

The webinar took place online on December 12, 2023 and marked the beginning of the second phase of the III edition of  European Defence Challenge (EDC).

ASSETs+ at the Battle of Brains

The initiative was organized by our partners from the University of Pisa with PhD students on December 6-7, 2022.

Battle of Brains is a two-days scientific initiative on debate about the relations between Humanities and STEM, with a focus on the professional profile of the engineer.

Vito Giordano, PhD Candidate of the University of Pisa, participated in the debate to share the perspectives of ASSETs+ and another European project ENCORE (European Network for Catalysing Open Resources in Education), with a talk titled “The entanglement of technical and transversal skills in emerging fields”. In particular, he presented the methodological approach of the project, highlighting 3 main strengths:

  • Data: It is important to collect data to support the decision-making process with objective evidence.
  • Method: We should rely on structured methods to analyse the data and leading the decision-making process.
  • Results: Technical expert knowledge should need to interpret the insights resulted from the analysis.

Our partner Massimo Scalvenzi, Engineering & Technology Processes Manager at Leonardo Company, also participated. He presented the Leonardo approach in bringing society needs in product development and integrating different competences in project team to face the challenges of current society.




ASSETs+ participation at Digital Tech Summit 2022

ASSETs+ was at booth 318 at Bella Center Copenhagen on October 25-26, 2022, to present the project and our contribution towards addressing the skill needs of the European Defence Industry.

Digital Tech Summit is Denmark’s meeting point and showcase for digital technologies and strong research environments, technology leaders and startups.

5,000 visitors, 1,000 companies, 300 startups, 300 speakers spread across 70 conference sessions in 2022 and ASSETs+ was there to present the project and our contribution towards addressing the skill needs of the European Defence Industry.

ASSETs+ Tech Talk at Digital Tech Summit, Copenhagen October 26

Our partner Irene Spada, from the University of Pisa, participated in the Tech-Talks at Digital Tech Summit Conferences on 26 October, 2022.

She showed the blended approach of the ASSETs+ project for creating techs and skills roadmap by applying Natural Language Processing and leveraging on expert knowledge.

Workshop: ASSETs+ Building Skills for Defence

The workshop took place in the framework of the Portugal Air Summit and as part of the Erasmus Days 2022, in Ponte de Sor on October 15.

Sara Varão Fernandes, Project Manager at European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) was the moderator of this interesting workshop about the ASSETs+ project and its contribution towards addressing the skill needs of the European Defence Industry.

Irene Spada, from the University of Pisa, gave an overview of the project, and encouraged experts in Defence-related areas, interested in emerging technologies and education, such as policy makers (at European, National and Local levels), workers in big companies, SMEs and standard bodies, teachers, and researchers, to attend the Workshop on the ASSETs+ Strategy for developing skills and competences for the Defence Sector that will be held in Bordeaux on November 24th. Then, Eurico AssunçaoEWF Deputy Director, explained the importance of international qualifications in different sectors, and all the benefits of becoming an ASSETs+ stakeholder.

The workshop ended with the intervention of Garry Perks, Leonardo Portugal General Manager, who gave an overview of Leonardo Group, and future perspectives.


ASSETs+ at Portugal Air Summit 2022

ASSETs+ was present at PAS’2022 with a booth to present the project and our contribution towards addressing the skill needs of the European Defence Industry, in Ponte de Sor (Portugal) from October 12-15.

The Portugal Air Summit (PAS) is now the largest aviation summit on the Iberian Peninsula and brings together the industry’s leading entities and personalities to discuss and analyze the potential and future of aviation, aeronautics, space, and defence. More than 650 speakers have already attended the event, debating hundreds of topics in more than 280 conferences with a cumulative audience of more than 60,000 visitors. Around 700 B2B and B2C meetings were held, and 3000 contacts were made with a business conversion rate of 10%.


ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge III: Launch event

The organizer of this III edition was Rzeszów University of Technology with the topic “Security – threats identification and defence strategies”. The launch event took place online on October 3, 2022.

Presentation of the ASSETs+ project at the Polytechnic University of Marche

On September 28, 2022, our partner Dorota Stadnicka, from the Rzeszów University of Technology, presented the ASSETs+ project at the Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy.

The presentation ended with an invitation to the students to take part in the ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge III edition, an open competition to attract young talent to the Defence industry and to encourage them to initiate a career in defence-related technologies.

Presentation of the European Defence Challenge III edition in Palermo, Italy

On September 20, 2022, our partner Dorota Stadnicka, from the Rzeszów University of Technology, presented the ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge III edition to teachers and researchers from different European universities in the framework of another European project MAESTRO.

European project MAESTRO:

  • Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  • Loughborough University, United Kingdom
  • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland
  • University of Pisa, Italy

The main goal and topic of the challenge were presented. Seminars planned for students, which are to support students in the preparation of their challenge proposal, were also discussed.

Moreover, the universities have been invited to register as Associated Stakeholders to take part in ASSETs+ activities, such as seminars or courses.

Presentation of the ASSETs+ Project at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

On September 16th, 2022, our partner Dorota Stadnicka, from the Rzeszów University of Technology, presented the ASSETs+ project to teachers, researchers and PHD students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

During the meeting, the objectives and main results of the ASSETs+ project were presented.

The presentation ended with an invitation to the students of the University of Ljubljana to take part in the ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge III edition,


ASSETs+ at Aerospace & Defence Meetings Sevilla (ADM 2022)

Our partner Andalucia Aerospace has presented the ASSETs+ project at ADM Sevilla 2022, the matchmaking program for the aerospace & defence industries in Spain, that took place on June 7-9.

ADM Sevilla has established itself as the most prominent matchmaking program for the aerospace and defence industries in Spain. It connects OEMs and their Tier 1 & 2 suppliers, with manufacturers and service providers from both civil and defence aviation, through a series of individually tailored one-to-one meetings.

ASSETs+ at the iMUGS demonstration in Belgium

Our partner Royal Military Academy (RMA) presented the ASSETs+ project during the social event after the fourth demonstration of the robots by the Belgian Army, part of the European iMUGS project (integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System), that took place on June, 2 at Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium.

ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge II: Awards Ceremony

It took place online on May 27, 2022, with the presence of highly relevant speakers from the European Commission DG Defence Industry & Space, the European Defence Agency, the European Parliament, and universities and industry partners of the ASSETs+ consortium.

In this II edition of the Challenge, 130 registered students from 16 different countries were asked to share their vision on the topic ‘Remote everything? To what extent can unmanned assets interact with humans in the field for defence operations?’.

ASSETs+ at EDUCON 2022

EDUCON 2022 took place in an hybrid format (online and in-person), in Tunisia, on 28-31 March 2022.

The IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) is the flagship of the IEEE Education Society, a worldwide community of professionals dedicated to ensure high-quality education in science and engineering.

Held every year since 2010, EDUCON provides an opportunity to scientists, professional engineers and students to present their work, publish their results, exchange ideas and network for future scientific and industrial collaborations.

The conference serves as a catalyst for connecting local and international stakeholders hence adding value to the global dialogue on how to positively contribute to the solution of the world’s engineering education.

Our partner Irene Spada, from the University of Pisa, presented the work “On the link between Education and Industry 4.0: a framework for a data-driven design”, representing as co-authors Gualtiero Fantoni, ASSETs+ Project Coordinator, Filippo Chiarello, Assistant professor at the School of Engineering, and Alessandra Curreli.

You can watch her presentation below:

ENG4GED webinar about cybersecurity

Organized by our partner University of Pisa, it took place online on March 24, 2022. In this occasion, our partner Jose Maria de Fuentes, from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, told us about cyberthreats…

ENG4GED is a series of free online seminars featuring the renowned academic and industrial speakers. They will provide their personal insight on strategies, approaches and applications of novel practices that bridges Data Science and Engineering within the fields of Green, Education and Defence, organized by the University of Pisa.

ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge II: Webinar with Experts

Organized by our partner UPM, it took place online on March 1, 2022. 

In this online event, contestants and professionals will have the opportunity to directly interact with experts and key players of the European defence industry. The topic of this second edition of the Challenge is ‘Remote everything? To what extent can unmanned assets interact with humans in the field for defence operations?’


17:30 Introduction to the webinar

  • M. Mateo Burgos – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).
  • Moderator: Michel Bosco – Director of EMBA in space, defence and security at the Université Côte d’Azur.

17:40 Remote everything? To what extent can unmanned assets interact with humans in the field for defence operations?:

  • Barry Conroy – DG DEFIS, European Commission.
  • Benjamin Punge – AIRBUS, Unmanned Aerial Systems department.
  • Cristina Cuerno – Dean of Aeronautics and Space Engineering, UPM.
  • Enrico Vignola Capitano di Vascello – Chief of Space and Technological Innovation Department, Italian Navy.
  • Isabelle Barthes – Deputy General Secretary, industriAll European Trade Union.
  • Dorota Stadnicka – Associate Professor, Rzeszów University of Technology.

18:20 Q&A session:

  • Moderator: M. Bosco.

18:35 Conclusions

  • Gualtiero Fantoni – University of Pisa – ASSETs+ Project Coordinator.

ASSETs+ at ‘La Fabrique Défense’

Our partner GICAN presented ASSETs+  at “La Fabrique Défense” last January 28 to 30, 2022 at the Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris (France).

The Parisian event included a space devoted to European defence, where our partner GICAN had a stand for illustrating the diversity of defence actors and making defence more understandable and accessible by offering innovative, immersive and participatory experiences.

ASSETs+ at IV Chile-Spain Aerospace Forum

On November 8 and 9, 2021 took place in Salamanca (Spain) the IV Chile-Spain Aerospace Forum in which aerospace experts have shown the progress and challenges it faces the sector in both countries.

Our partner Carlos Romero, managing director of Madrid Aerospace Cluster, participated in the conference on November 9, in the round table: “Present and future of employment, training and talent in the aeronautical sector“, where he presented the European ASSETs + project and the second edition of the European Defence Challenge.



Our partner Madrid Aerospace Cluster was present at FEINDEF21,  the most important defence and security event held in Spain, with a stand where offered information about the ASSETs+ project and the European Defence Challenge 2nd edition.

FEINDEF 21, the second edition of the International Defence and Security Fair, ends after three intense days of activity in which innovation has been carried out, internationally cooperated and knowledge shared between companies, institutions, universities and other organizations, as a global response to safety.

This edition, that took place from 3 to 5 November, has been attended by more than 12,000 visitors, 300 exhibitors, 75 international delegations and more than 100 accredited media, making FEINDEF a leading fair worldwide, and the ASSETs+ project was there.


ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge II: Launch event

The launch of the II edition took place last October 20, a day before the Conference on Future Skills for Europe’s Aerospace and Defence Industry in Rzeszow (Poland). Our partners Liga Baltina, from Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, and Mateo Burgos from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) organizer of this edition, presented all the details of the challenge.

Engagement of talents through the European Defence Challenge, Liga Baltina & Mateo Burgos

Anne Fort, Head of Unit, Defence Industry and Market Policy at European Commission

The guidelines of the Challenge, Mateo Burgos from the UPM organizer of the II edition

Some tips with the I edition winners Matej Pastir & Radka Fléglová, and Sami Makki, Science Po Lille

Maurizio Ferrante, Head of Training and Knowledge Management at Leonardo.

Vice Admiral Manuel A. Martínez, Director of Engineering & Naval Constructions, Spanish Navy

Andrzej Rybka, Managing Director of the Aviation Valley Association

ASSETs+ at the Conference on Future Skills for Europe’s Aerospace and Defence Industry

The conference was co-organised by the European Commission and EDSP members Rzeszow University of Technology -partner of the ASSETs+ project-  and Aviation Valleyon 21-22 October 2021 in Rzeszow, Poland.

Building on the work of previous and existing initiatives to tackle skills gaps in the defence sector – from the EDSP to Assets+ and the Aerospace & Defence Pact for Skills – the event explored, from a knowledge triangle perspective, challenges and opportunities for cross-border collaboration for skills providers, European policies supporting skills development, and industry future needs.

It was an opportunity for business-to-business (B2B) meetings, and for visiting technical labs.


  • Industrial needs in aerospace and defence sector
  • Technical and soft skills of today and the future
  • New skills driven by emerging technologies
  • European policies supporting the skills development with concrete examples
  • European instruments supporting development of educational materials to apply in skills development

ASSETs+ I Tech4Kids event

To create awareness about the defence industry in Europe as a place to work, we have celebrated our first Tech4Kids event, organized by our partners Censec in collaboration with Mercantec, that took place in the framework of the Viborg Game Expo, on September 30 – October 3, 2021.

ASSETs+ Tech4Kids activities have the purpose to trigger the interest about the defence sector and foster the attractiveness of defence careers, encouraging young people and adults seeking professional requalification, to be aware of the opportunities offered and the various education and training pathways that can lead to a career in defence.

Our first Tech4Kids event  has introduced ‘older children‘ to the use of drones and the importance of cybersecurity.

Tech4Kids also joined Viborg Game Expo, and here we introduced the participants to this quiz…

ASSETs+ at the Skills for Industry Conference

Dr. Gualtiero Fantoni, ASSETs+ Coordinator from the University of Pisa, presents the ASSETs+ experience at the Skills for Industry Conference, on June 29, 2021.

ASSETs+ at the international conference ‘Manufacturing Education for a Sustainable fourth Industrial Revolution’

Our partner Dorota Stadnicka, from the Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland, presented the ASSETs+ project at the International Conference on “Manufacturing Education for a Sustainable fourth Industrial Revolution”, that took place in Rzeszow, Poland on June 21, 2021.

Under the topic “The perfect candidate for an engineering position – current industrial view – new competences – ASSETs+” the competences identified in ASSETs+ project were presented, among others. During the presentation Ewelina Wyczewska and Łukasz Szczekala, as industry representants, shared their opinions on why the indicated skills are important for the companies and how can be useful for industry.

ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge I: Awards Ceremony

The Ceremony took place online on June 21, 2021.