The ASSETs+ project will run from january 2020 to december 2023 during which time a number of public results are expected.
Listed here are the project results from 2020. 

WP1 R1.2


WP4 R4.5


R1.2 will present the technology roadmaps descriping the selected technologies. The map will present the two choses domains and subdomains in a timeline perspective. The analysis will reach the detail grain also necessary to unveil
the relationships with the digital and key enabling technologies.

See the first results from WP1 here:


Download “R1.2 Technology Roadmap first iteration report” R1.2-Technology-Roadmap-first-iteration-1.pdf – Downloaded 139 times – 3 MB


Skills Taxonomy – ASSETs (

Skills classification cybersecurity – ASSETs (

Skills classification C4ISTAR – ASSETs (

Skills classification AI – ASSETs (

The ASSETs+ BOK will map all the relevant competences needed for defence pratitioners with respect to the technological scope of the project (robotics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and C4ISTAR) and it will be a guidance
document for the European Defence Sector. It is intended to provide a detailed breakdown of the knowledge required by any person working for or on behalf of Defence Sector bodies or organisations. 

Body of knowledge:

Download “R4.5 Body of Knowledge” R4.5-Body-of-Knowledge-1.pdf – Downloaded 123 times – 2 MB


WP4 R.4.2



In the present task relevant and concrete examples of policies and initiatives at national and regional level aiming at addressing skills shortages and mismatches will be furtherly collected. Such an analysis and update will be performed
also by directly scanning the EU repositories (e.g. OpenAire, Cordis), but also thanks to the extended network the partnership has.

Examples of successful multi-stakeholder partnerships between industry, social partners, education and training, public authorities will be identified also thanks to national and international conferences (usually a valuable source
of new projects and best practices).

iches – ASSETs (

R1.1 Strategy specifications report

ASSETs+ project designs a strategy for mapping technologies and skills in the defense sector*The Strategy Specification (R1.1) defines the guidelines for monitoring technologies, their applications and the skills needed to be properly adopted in the defense sector. The ASSETs+ academic partners set out a comprehensive methodological approach, including on one hand data-driven analysis (with text ...

R1.5 Skills2ESCO

ASSETs+ project is contributing to the development and update of the ESCO database* As the result of the research conducted in ASSETs+ project, a new occupational profile and a set of new skills has been proposed to ESCO secretariat for incorporating within ESCO database. The inclusion of new job profiles in ESCO data base provides a ...

R2.1 Pedagogical Approach Overview

Report – Design of the pedagogical approach LEAD: CENTRALESUPELEC; FELLOWS: AALBORG UNIVERSITY, AEROCAMPUS, EWF, UBX This report identifies the pedagogical approaches selected to provide a closer fit to the defense-related skills needed across Europe.By designing a pedagogical approach dedicated to the Defense Sector, the academic partners aim at providing a guideline to enable European actors ...

R2.2 Guidelines for designing defence sector professional standards

Guidelines for designing defence sector professional standards This Guideline provides information to Education and Training Providers for designing Defence Sector Professional Standards and Qualifications in line with European tools for education (i.e. EQF levels, ECVET, ECTS and ESCO Taxonomy), ensuring their transparency and harmonised implementation across Europe. Based on EWF Sectoral and Modular Approaches, ASSETS+ ...

R4.1 Observatory document

Observatory document The structure of the European Defence Observatory (R4.1), its main purposes and activities were validated by ASSETS+ Steering Committe and it is now ready for the next steps towards the implementation of its activities! Comprised of one Qualification Council and one Industry Council, this Observatory will count on the know-how of ASSETS+ partners ...

R8.1 External experts and reviewer’s identification and selection

Report – External Experts and reviewers identification and selection LEAD: MACFELLOWS: HENSHOLDT, NAVANTIA, CENSEC and DACCAMP The current report describes the work carried out in WP8, targeted at obtaining a qualified database of external experts, that will be able to validate the different deliverables of the previous work packages. This includes: • New skills and ...