The ASSETs+ project will run from january 2020 to december 2023 during which time a number of public results are expected 

They will be published here as soon as they are ready.
Listed here are the result expected in 2020. 

wp1 r1.2
Defence Technologies RoadMap

Report, database

R1.2 will present the technology roadmaps descriping the selected technologies. The map will present the two choses domains and subdomains in a timeline perspective. The analysis will reach the detail grain also necessary to unveil the relationships with the digital and key enabling technologies.

This result is not ready yet


WP4 R4.5
Body of knowledge


The ASSETs+ BOK will map all the relevant competences needed for defence pratitioners with respect to the technological scope of the project (robotics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and C4ISTAR) and it will be a guidance document for the European Defence Sector. It is intended to provide a detailed breakdown of the knowledge required by any person working for or on behalf of Defence Sector bodies or organisations. 

This result is not ready yet

WP1 R1.4
Validated technology roadmap and skills blueprint


This first milestone will be the updated version of R1.2 and R1.3 based on the feedback received from industrial partners and external experts

This result is not ready yet

WP4 R.4.2 Strategy for developing HR in the Defence sector


The document to be exploited at EU and national levels will contain a mid/long term strategy. The strategy will evolve the ESDP strategy by identifying concrete actions, best practises, projects and sets of activities to match demand and supply of skills. It will be organized in a timeline with events, activities and milestones.

This result is not ready yet