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The European Defence Challenge asks the students of Europe to propose one or more work approaches dealing with topics such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, batteries, cybersecurity, chip technologies, control, robotics, signal and image processing related to defence technologies.

Who can participate?

The European Defence Challenge is a competition open to all undergraduate or graduate students from all faculties in European Universities or other institutions dedicated to higher education.

The Challenge can be answered individually, but participants are encouraged to team up in pairs and to find a partner from a different university, faculty and even country. For example one student with skills in engineering and one with skills in political/business science.

I Edition

Why a challenge?

What will the students be asked to do?

What is the subject to be adressed?

What is the objective of the challenge?

Awards ceremony:

Winners of the 1st edition:

  • 1st winner team

    Emre Kursat Kaya and Miguel Garrido Moreno from the College of Europe

  • 2nd winner team

    Matěj Pastír and Radka Fléglová from Charles University

  • 3rd winner team

    Marinette Gaillon and Auriane Georges from Science Po Lille

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