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26 Teams from 21 higher education institutions in 12 different countries, have been selected to move on to the second phase of the ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge. Congratulations!

Thank you to the speakers for their advice during the webinar organized on 29 March, it is now time for the teams to develop their ideas and submit their final proposals before 14 May 2021.

Good luck to them !

ANSWER THIS QUESTION IN 5000 – 6000 words

“Which technologies and technology bricks are particularly relevant for Europe‚Äôs sovereignty in defence and security?”

Why is the challenge organized?

What will the students be asked to do during the challenge? 

What is the subject to be adressed by the participants?

What is the objective of the challenge?

Who can participate 

The European Defence Challenge is a competition open to all undergraduate or graduate students from all faculties in European Universities or other institutions dedicated to higher education. 

The Challenge can be answered individually, but participants are encouraged to team up in pairs and to find a partner from a different university, faculty and even country. For example one student with skills in engineering and one with skills in political/business science. 


The Challenge

The European Defence Challenge asks the students of Europe to propose one or more work approaches dealing with topics such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, batteries, cybersecurity, chip technologies, control, robotics,
signal and image processing related to defence technologies within the framework of the question mentioned above.

Please defend your proposal by including socio-economic, political and/or environmental aspects as much as possible.

Phase 1

Register for the challenge

Download template and participation guidelines 

Submit your proposal before midnight 30 January (CET), via the email adress you will be provided , when you sign up. 

A jury will assess the proposals, and the best proposals will move on to phase 2. 

Phase 2 

In phase 2 the proposal will be developed further in a 10-page submission. Same procedure as in phase 1, deadline on midnight 14 May (CET). 

The winner will be announced in June.

Participation guidelines – phase 2

Download Template – phase 2 

1 page proposal




Deadline for submitting your paper via the email adress you will be provided, when you sign up. 

A jury of some of the key players in the Europen defence industry will review the proposals. The best ones move to phase 2.

10 page proposal


Final 10-page proposal is submitted. This will again be reviewed by some of the key players in the European Defence Industry.