Interested in becoming an ASSETs+ Associated Stakeholder?

ASSETs+ consortium welcomes the participation of associated stakeholders to contribute to the implementation of specific tasks/activities and to support the dissemination and long-term sustainability of the sectoral skills alliance in defence.

Who & When can become an Associated Stakeholder?

What is the process to formalise the participation?

Why to become an associated stakeholder?

What are the potential contributions?

Who And When Can Become An Associated Stakeholder

Beyond its full partners and associated partners, ASSETs+ project is part of an open and expanding Defence ecosystem welcoming the participation of associated stakeholders.

ASSETs+ project mainly targets defence-related companies and defence industry representatives such as associations and clusters, higher education institutions and VET providers, individual experts and other stakeholders who have an interest in developing skills and competences in four main technologies: AI, Robotics, C4ISTAR and Cybersecurity aspects allowing the European defence sector to innovate and develop.

Interested representatives are encouraged to look at the ASSETs+ description and planned activities to determine in which work packages/activities they would like to be involved and to define what their contribution to the ASSETs+ project could be.

There is no application deadline to become an associated stakeholder, and interested institutions can in principle join at any time during the ASSETs+ project duration.

There is no legal, nor financial commitment (no legally binding relationship, no money transfer) to associated stakeholders. The interest to become an associated stakeholder can be expressed any time during the project life span. Request must be addressed to the project Coordinator University of Pisa, according to the following procedure.

What is the process to formalise the involvement of associated stakeholders?

The following steps are foreseen to formalise the request of an external defence-related organisations (e.g. SMEs, large enterprises, VET and HEI) to become an Associated Stakeholder and to propose a contribution to the ASSETs+ project and the entire defence ecosystem.

Institutions and organisations interested in becoming associated stakeholders (Applicants) are asked to prepare and submit to the University of Pisa, ASSETs+ Coordinator, the following documents:            

  • Letter of Intent

    written by the Applicant in which the contact person(s) and their contact information are clearly mentioned (first name, name, position, postal address, phone number, e-mail address). The Applicant is asked to indicate a consortium partner who has provided initial endorsement to the Applicant or serves as referee. The letter should be signed by the legal representative of the Applicant. A template of the letter of intent is provided via ASSETs+ website and printed on the company’s letter head.

  • Short presentation of the Applicant

    in its own template consisting at least of:

    • name of the Applicant and main contact person (slide 1);
    • country/ies in which the Applicant is settled (slide 2);
    • main activities of the Applicant in connection with ASSETS+ project (slide 3);
    • topics of interest among robotics, C4ISTAR, AI, Cybersecurity are mentioned (checkbox) (slide 4);
    • how the Applicant plans to contribute to the ASSETs+ project (slide 5).

Application forms are sent to the Coordinator via email or ASSETs+ website. The Applicant is encouraged to integrate the application form with its own Visual Identity (logo, template etc..).

The admittance of an associated stakeholder is based on the coherence of the Applicant’s main activities and proposed contribution aligned with the project objectives. The application is subject to the approval by the Steering Committee following the consultation with project partners. Upon acceptance of the application for becoming an associated stakeholder, the new associated stakeholder will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and will receive a letter of admittance, signed by the University of Pisa, specifying the access and the use of the project information and results.

Associated stakeholders might be asked to report to the Coordinator on results obtained from their participation in the project for the needs of ASSETs+ activity reporting to the EC.

Why to become an associated stakeholder?

ASSETs+ offers to its associated stakeholders:

  • an occasion to provide expertise about current processes and industry insight for building sectoral skills strategy for defence;
  • a network to explore the connection between technologies and skills relevant to defence sector;
  • an opportunity to attend annual project meeting and gain insight into emerging skills needs and proposed E&T programmes and other tools;
  • be part of developing a community of practice aimed at promoting new skills acquisition, development and retention;
  • an access to young graduates / future talents and opportunity to offer student placements and internships;
  • access to first-hand experience and results from piloting new E&T modules and programmes;
  • additionally, associated stakeholders’ logos will be promoted in the ASSETs+ website and newsletters as part of growing defence skills ecosystem.

What are the potential contributions of an associated stakeholder?

Associated stakeholders are encouraged to:

  • participate in a selection of ASSETs+ activities, such as international project meetings and workshops and bring in additional expertise;
  • participate in 1-2 project surveys linked with developing sectoral skills strategy and E&T programmes;
  • contribute to the implementation of specific tasks/activities, e.g. business cases for problem-based learning, support to summer schools, student awards;
  • support the dissemination and sustainability of the project outputs;
  • contribute to the collection of good practices, provide relevant sources for building the defence skills observatory and other outputs;
  • support an outreach to other stakeholders for widening defence skills ecosystem by disseminating interim and final results on the website, social media and during the events.

Interested in becoming an ASSETs+ Associated Stakeholder?

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