Body of Knowledge (BOK)

The ASSETs+ BOK will map all the relevant competences needed for defence practitioners with respect to the technological scope of the project (Robotics/Autonomous Systems/Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and C4ISTAR) and it will be a guidance
document for the European Defence Sector. It is intended to provide a detailed breakdown of the knowledge required by any person working for or on behalf of Defence Sector bodies or organisations.

Industry 4.0, business digitalisation, artificial intelligence and KETs are increasingly taking centre stage, not as buzzwords but as pillars for innovation in all business sectors at a global level. The Defence sector is no exception.

Accordingly, all players involved in this field are experiencing evolution in both business processes and human resources: the former regarding technological advancements; the latter regarding the skills needed to exploit such technologies in the proper way.

As a response, ASSETs+ project aspires design and deliver a series of training courses that will plug the gap in existing provision and thereby reduce the skills shortages the sector faces. ASSETs+ is a part of the transnational project Sector Skills Alliances. The aim of the project can be derived from the meaning of the name: Alliance for Strategic Skills addressing Emerging Technologies in Defence.

In fact, it is set up to identify the existing and emerging skills needs for professions in the Defence sector, in order to build up training courses for the labour market