Pact for Skills has already helped 2 million people that benefit from up-and-reskilling activities

ASSETs+ is working within the Pact for Skills to design and develop demand-led upskilling and reskilling education & training programmes on the cutting edge technologies of Robotics/Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and C4ISTAR.

The Pact for Skills 2022 annual survey results are in. The EU Pact for Skills has significantly helped companies and workers across Europe in advancing skills training. According to the survey:

  • 2 million people have benefited from up-and re-skilling activities under the Pact
  • 15,500 training programmes were either updated or developed
  • Pact members have invested €160 million in skills initiatives

This is an important contribution to the European Year of Skills.

By bringing together industry, social partners, vocational and education providers, public authorities, employment services and others in different sectors, the Pact for Skills promotes a collective approach to tackling challenges and shortages in skills development.

Skills partnerships under the Pact have proven effective in addressing sectorial skills needs and have made a positive impact on enhancing the skills of workers. To date, 1,500 organisations have joined the Pact for Skills, with 18 large-scale skills partnerships established in strategic sectors.

This means at least one large-scale skills partnership has been set up for each industrial ecosystem of the EU Industrial Strategy. Together, all partnerships have pledged to provide training to over 10 million people in the coming years.

Other key findings

The survey reveals the positive and concrete impact large-scale skills partnerships in empowering workers with the necessary skills for success. For their sectors, Pact members have reported enhanced monitoring of the skills needed, a greater availability of high-quality training opportunities, and the implementation of more inclusive activities to boost skills.

Together, 21,500 stakeholders have joined forces through skills partnerships or networks (e.g., industrial clusters) to drive impactful skills development initiatives and reached 19 million people in Europe through promotion and dissemination activities.

ASSETs+ is member of the Pact For Skills.


ASSETs+ at the European Defence Innovation Days

500 participants and more than 50 stands from across the European defence community at this high-level event, that took place last 31 May and 1 June in Brussels.

Our partner Irene Spada, from the University of Pisa, presented ASSETs+ at the European Defence Innovation Days event, organised for the second year running by the European Defence Agency, under the auspices of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

This edition focused on the challenges and opportunities in connecting technological innovation and capability development, bringing together start-ups, defence industry and the wider defence community as part of EDA’s Hub for EU Defence Innovation (HEDI).

Seminar “Characterizing key societal factors for cybersecurity commitment”

Our partner Irene Spada from the University of Pisa, and member of the research lab Business Engineering for Data Science (B4DS), presented the study “Characterizing Key Societal Factors for Cybersecurity Commitment“, at the University Charles III of Madrid, last May 23.

The rise of cyber-threats in recent years is leading to increased concerns about security in both the private and public sectors, as well as for individuals and society as a whole. However, little attention has been paid to the cultural factors that influence national commitment and capacity building to face cybersecurity challenges.

In order to address this gap in understanding, Irene Spada together with Gualtiero Fantoni, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering at the University of Pisa and coordinator of the ASSETs+ project, and José María de Fuentes and Lorena González, Associate Professors of the Department of Computer Science at the University Charles III of Madrid, have studied the links between the culture values of 81 countries worldwide and their cybersecurity policies, in order to assess the commitment of these countries to the cyber domain.

The analysis involves the use of statistical techniques and open access repositories of metrics as well as indicators of countries and population development to model and measure the relationship between culture and cybersecurity.

The results demonstrate that indeed there is a statistically significant relationship between culture and cybersecurity. The key factors that shape this relationship include different countrie’s cultural values, the political systems with its characteristics, and aspects of their military. Moreover, the key factors identified may act both as drivers and blockers for the cybersecurity commitment and skill development of a country.

Great success of FEINDEF 2023 with more than 25,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors

The international Defence and Security Exhibition FEINDEF, that took place in Madrid last May 17-19, has achieved a new record in its figures with respect to the previous edition, so far the best of its trajectory, and ASSETs+ was there.

Organized by the Feindef Foundation, FEINDEF 23 is the only fair in Spain of the Defence and Security sector institutionally supported by the Spanish Ministry of Defence, and is positioned as the most important Defence and Security event held in Spain, which opens to the world offering new business opportunities.

Our partners from Andalucía Aerospace Cluster and CATEC (Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies) and Mateo Burgos, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, offered information about the ASSETs+ project at this three-day fair committed to technical and scientific research and innovation as a driver of economic and technological development and social integration.​

ASSETs+ at the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Military Officer Profession (SQF-MILOF) Familiarisation Course

This training activity, organised by the Italian Centre for Higher Defence Studies (CASD), took place in Rome, last May 15-17.

Our partner Manuela Costone from CIMEA, shared  relevant experiences on qualification frameworks in the Defence sector and presented the ASSETs+ project.

Designed to help EU member states develop and classify military qualifications by describing specific learning outcomes for the military officer profession, SQF-MILOF serves as an interface for the various education and training opportunities offered in different countries and a tool for comparing different programmes.

By simplifying the identification of equivalent training carried out in other countries, it facilitates vocational education and training exchanges between the Member States and enhances the creation of a common peace, security and defence culture.


The Conference took place last May 11th and 12th at the Instituto Hidrográfico – Marinha, Lisbon (Portugal).

The IDEIA 2023 Conference – Research, Development, Experimentation and Innovation of the Navy – promotes the sharing of knowledge in an open innovation ecosystem between Defence, Academia and Industry, for the identification of innovative capabilities and disruptive solutions. The theme of this 4th edition was the “Robotization of War”.

ASSETs+ participated in the conference to present the skills need for emerging technologies in the Maritime sector.

Now available the “ASSETs+ Train the Trainers” e-learning programme

The European Defence industry employs more than 500,000 people and also supports 1,200,000 jobs indirectly within local economies across Europe. It attracts talented and skilled people to a wide range of careers, from business, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance to cyber, data analytics and more. A career in the Defence sector can take a variety of different paths and offers many opportunities from training to management.

With this in mind, each trainer plays an extremely relevant role and contributes enormously to the successful implementation on a large scale.

The “ASSETs+ Train the Trainers” e-learning programme is a free and open course that will allow trainers to cover different topics and to address students from lower to higher education levels by applying a common methodology which has been developed during the ASSETS+ Project and adjusted to the specificities and needs of the Defence sector.

The programme also includes a pedagogical approach and a guided tour of European tools such as ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations).

In order to learn from experiences and to have a first-hand overview, we have prepared some use cases that will allow you to get a better understanding of the design and implementation of each course. These experiences are diverse: from different countries, different topics and focused on different trainees, offering the widest range of possibilities and examples to take and incorporate into the trainer’s reality.

Complete the course and become part of the ASSETs+ ecosystem!

ASSETs+ will be at FEINDEF 2023

The international Defence and Security Exhibition FEINDEF, will take place in Madrid on 17-19 May, 2023.

Our partners Andalucía Aerospace Cluster and CATEC (Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies) will be at FEINDEF with a stand where you may find information about the ASSETs+ project: new courses, the IV edition of the European Defence Challenge and how to join our network.

If you are in Madrid and want to learn more about our project, don’t miss this opportunity and come to visit us next May 17-19 at the following booths:

FEINDEF is the reference forum that encompasses the defence and security sector in Spain, to innovate, coopera­te internationally and share knowledge between companies, institutions, universities, and other organisms, as a global response to security.

FEINDEF is positioned as the most important event held in Spain in this sector, that opens to the world by offering network opportunities: 40.000 m2 of exhibition space, with an attendance of over 450 exhibitors from 20 countries and 100 foreign delegations.

Great success of the event “Build your tomorrow with ALTEN“

On April 29th, the School of Engineering at the University of Pisa hosted the event “Build your tomorrow with ALTEN”, supported by ALTEN and EUROAVIA Pisa.

Our partner Elena Coli, post-doc researcher at the University of Pisa and member of the ASSETs+ project team, discussed ASSETs+ goals and achievements during her presentation at the event.

In addition, she introduced the IV edition of the European Defence Challenge for inviting students from across Europe to propose innovative solutions to various challenges facing the Aerospace & Defence industry. The fourth edition of the competition promises to be even more exciting than the previous ones, with new challenges and opportunities for young researchers to showcase their skills.

The event was a great success, also thanks to the hard work and support of ALTEN and EUROAVIA Pisa, who organized and sponsored it.

ALTEN is a leading engineering and technology consulting company that provides innovative solutions to various industries, including Aerospace & Defence.

EUROAVIA Pisa is a local branch of EUROAVIA, which is one of the largest aeronautical and space-related student organizations in Europe.

New ASSETs+ Courses: Learn new skills related to key emerging technologies in Defence

ASSETs+ is designing and developing new courses related to key technologies that will be expected in the Defence sector in the coming years.

These free and online programmes are focused on professionals working in the Defence and AeroSpace industry (up-skilling & re-skilling) and university students (undergraduate and graduate), and will take place in May and June.

The courses are exclusive for partners of the ASSETs+ consortium and members of our  Network. To become part of our ecosystem, just fill out a 5-minute form before enrolling in the course here.