Interview with the research team of ASSETs+ on CTSoc News on Consumer Technology

CTSoc News on Consumer Technology (NCT) has published an interview with our partners from the University of Pisa, Gualtiero Fantoni, ASSETs+ Project Coordinator, and Filippo Chiarello, Assistant professor at the School of Engineering, about the ASSETs+ project, the challenges of the defence sector and how the project is facing these challenges.

The fast pace of technological evolution is radically changing the labour market. Design educational content for the workforce of the near future is essential.

European Defence industry is struggling in finding well-suited workers to ensure leadership, competitiveness, and sustainability in the medium- to long-term on the international panorama. In addition, young generations are not engaged in Defence issues and usually don’t see careers in Defence as promising opportunity. Therefore, Defence companies should develop new strategies to attract and keep young talented workers.

There are many prejudices about Defence activities, however this industry is always at the frontiers of innovation offering the more advanced technologies and a very international and multidisciplinary environment.

The ASSETs+ project is working to explode the myths and biases around the Defence sector and designing new courses and challenges (i.e.European Defence Challenge) able to attract students’ attention.

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ARTICLE: ‘Blending brainstorming with industrial experts and automatic data-driven analysis’

Our partners Filippo Chiarello and Irene Spada from the University of Pisa, have published this interesting article about the ASSETs+ project on CTSoc News on Consumer Technology (NCT).

The article describes the technology and skills analysis done in the ASSETs+ project and the process that leads to the development of the Defence Technologies Roadmap, starting from the Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for big data analysis of technical and scientific documentation and the brainstorming sessions with panels of industrial experts, developed during the first two years of the project, to the blending process of these months.

It has been published in the February issue of CTSoc News on Consumer Technology (NCT) online monthly publication that divulgues timely and newsworthy articles that bring a wide range of topics related to the consumer technology industry.

Authors: Filippo Chiarello, Irene Spada