Artificial Intelligence for Defence

Education & Training

PROTOTYPE PROGRAMME: Artificial Intelligence for Defence

Format: Online

Language: English

Hours: 7

1-8 July, 2022

EQF level: 7 (+info)

Host institution: Aalborg University (Denmark)

“AI for defence” is a series of online seminars dedicated to introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) topics that are relevant for the defence sector, hosted by Aalborg University with support from University Carlos III Madrid and the University of Seville, and designed as an upskilling activity.

The focus will be on the potential of AI paradigms such as federated learning and explainable AI (XAI) in defence applications, and on how AI algorithms can be used in cyber-defence.

A certificate of attendance will be given to the participants.

This programme is focussed on:

  • Professionals working in the Defence Industry (up-skilling activities)


  • Master degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or equivalent
  • Current employment at a defence organisation


  • Basic knowledge in AI, Mathematics and computer science

IMPORTANT: This prototype programme is EXCLUSIVE FOR partners of the ASSETs+ consortium and associated stakeholders. If you want to join the ASSETs+ Stakeholders Group and become part of our ecosystem, please, register here.



Day 1​

1 July, 2022​


Introductory course​

•Importance of AI in defence​

•Opportunities, challenges and limitations​

1. Explainability and trustworthiness in AI​

•Transparency, explainability in machine learning methods​

•AI robustness​

•White-box/transparent machine learning methods (decision trees, Bayesian networks, genetic programming, etc.)​

Peter Nielsen, Aalborg University​

Day 2​

6 July, 2022


2. Federated learning​

•AI on edge​

•Frugal AI​

•Federated and decentralised machine learning​

Deniz Kenan Kilic,  Aalborg University​​

Day 3​

7 July, 2022


4. Cybersecurity I​

•Introduction to cybersecurity: main concepts, attacks and cyberwarfare​

Jose Maria de Fuentes​. UC3M

Lorena González Manzano​,  UC3M​

Day 4​

8 July, 2022


5. Cybersecurity II​

•AI for defence purposes: data sources, tools and use cases ​

Rafael Estepa, University of Seville​

Wrap-up course:​

•Why use AI for defence?​

•Where to use or not to use AI in defence, with specific use cases​

Peter Nielsen, Aalborg University​​