Gualtiero Fantoni from Università di Pisa will outline the skills needs for Europe’s defence sector at a 2-day online […]
Press release 59 potential defence related applications, 97 technologies, 172 skills classified, and 181 job profiles […]
ASSETs+ project designs a strategy for mapping technologies and skills in the defense sector*The Strategy Specification […]
ASSETs+ project is contributing to the development and update of the ESCO database* As the result […]
Report – External Experts and reviewers identification and selection LEAD: MACFELLOWS: HENSHOLDT, NAVANTIA, CENSEC and DACCAMP […]
The first edition of the European Defence Challenge has received a large number of submissions from […]
ASSETs+ (Alliance for Strategic Skills Addressing Emerging Technologies in Defence) – has now been kicked-off at […]