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CRASH COURSE: Using Generative AI to boost productivity at work and … not only

The course “Using Generative AI to boost productivity at work and … not only” is designed to empower defence employees and professionals with the knowledge and skills to leverage ChatGPT, an advanced language model, to enhance productivity and automate office processes.

The course will address some common productivity challenges faced by industrial organizations and demonstrate how ChatGPT can streamline workflow and automate tasks.

Participants will gain an understanding of ChatGPT’s capabilities and its potential applications, and they will learn how to integrate ChatGPT into existing office automation systems, improve communication and collaboration, analyze data, and support decision-making processes.

Ethical considerations and security protocols will also be discussed.

The course includes hands-on practical exercises to allow participants to apply their knowledge.

Date: 20 July, 2023 (9:00-11:00 CEST)

Format: Online

Language: English

Host institution: University of Pisa

This programme is focused on:

  • Professionals working in the Defence and AeroSpace Industry (partners of the ASSETs+ consortium and associated stakeholders)
  • Those in academia (belonging to ASSETs+) are welcome to attend as spectators.

IMPORTANT: This free course is only available for partners of the ASSETs+ consortium  and members of our Network. If you are not yet part of our ecosystem, please, click here and become a member.