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PROTOTYPE PROGRAMME: Project management in aerospace, maritime and defence industry (ID 6.3)

Format: In presence

Language: Polish / English

EQF level: 6

Instructor: Dorota Stadnicka, Andrzej Majka

Hours: 15

Host institution: Politechnika Rzeszowska im. Ignacego Łukasiewicza


Aviation, space, maritime and defence systems are complex products comprised of many subsystems which must meet demanding customer and operational lifecycle value requirements. The implementation of a new product into production or a new system for use requires meeting a number of requirements.


Understanding how to apply the methodology of project management in the defence industry taking into account legal conditions and regulations related to product certification. During the course, students will be introduced to the basics of project management and to the specific requirements that should be taken into account when managing projects in the aerospace, maritime and defence industry.


Formal registration for an Engineering course. A student who wants to take the course must have the following skills:

  • Problems solving
  • General knowledge about aviation technologies
  • Knowledge about processes in industry


12 /04/2023
15:30 – 17:00
Introduction to project management.

Project management methods and tools. (K2, K3).

Comparison of business models for civilian and military areas (legal requirements, certification, export control) (K1).

25 /04/2023
15:30 – 18:45
Review of requirements related to projects in defence industry (aviation regulations, maritime regulations, customer requirements, internal requirements, related to project planning) (S1, S2).

Identification of the project milestones (S3).

Ensuring sustainability (C1).  Product improvement.

Ensuring airworthiness. Life cycle support. Integrated logistic support. (K3)

23 /05/2023
15:30 – 18:45
Structure of project tasks (K3). Design and production goes together in maritime. Risk management (K4). Budget management (K5).
30 /05/2023
15:30 – 18:45
Supplier management (K3). Supply chain in aerospace and maritime.

Work in teams taking into account international and cultural aspects (K3).

Project management and coordination in the projects (K3).

20 /06/2023
15:30 – 17:00
Project closure (K3).

Test (15 min). Additional consultations related to homework.





Homework: 1. Work presenting a proposal for a new solution for the defence industry (C2, C5). 2. Analysis of the selected problem/solution for the implementation of the A380 or A320neao aircraft (C2, C3, C4, C5). 3. Development of a risk cube based on a case study (K4).

This programme is focused on:

  • Undergraduate students

Learning outcomes:


  • Has knowledge necessary to understand the main problems in aerospace and defence engineering (K1).
  • Has knowledge of the methodology of project management related to aerospace and defence systems (K2)
  • Has knowledge of project management methods and tools (K3)
  • Has knowledge related to risk management (K4)
  • Has knowledge on budgeting (K5)

Technical Skills

  • Understands the requirements: aviation regulations, customer requirements, internal requirements, related to project planning (S1)
  • Can define, verify and validate a list of requirements (S2)
  • Understands the criteria of acceptability of project results after the completion of individual stages (S3)

Transversal Skills

  • Is aware of the business goal in project management (C1)
  • Is ready to critically evaluate the knowledge and content received, recognize the importance of knowledge in solving cognitive and practical problems (C2).
  • Is able to consult experts in the event of difficulties in solving the problem on its own (C3).
  • Understands the need for lifelong learning (C4).
  • Is aware of the social role of a technical university graduate, and especially understands the need to formulate and convey to the society, in particular through the mass media, information and opinions on technological achievements and other aspects of engineering activities (C5)