Education & Training

PROTOTYPE PROGRAMME: 4.5 Unit of measurement and Errors

Format: Online

EQF level: 4

Language: English

Hours: 16h

Instructor: Benoit MATHIEU

Host institution: AEROCAMPUS-Aquitaine (France)

Learn from the basics to some advanced techniques in this 16‐hours free course:

  • Analyse protocols of communication between an embedded computer and electronic devices (sensors, motors control, rfid modules, numerical tricolour led).
  • Perform tests using an oscilloscope.
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting of the previous devices.

This programme is focused on:

  • Professionals working in Defence and AeroSpace Industry (up-skilling and re-skilling activities) and
  • University Licence students

IMPORTANT: This prototype programme is EXCLUSIVE FOR partners of the ASSETs+ consortium and associated stakeholders. If you want to join the ASSETs+ Stakeholders Group and become part of our ecosystem, please, click here.

programme schedule

2 June 2022


Means for control and test (sensors, RFID modules, motors)
7 June 2022

(8-12 AM)

Choice and control validation (sensors, RFID modules, motors)
8 June 2022


Conducting tests (sensors, RFID modules, motors)
9 June 2022


Diagnosis and troubleshooting (sensors, RFID modules, motors)

Learning outcomes:

  • General principles in test and control understanding
  • Troubleshooting methods review
  • Acquiring and understanding signals in relation to electronic devices
  • Computer science in relation to robotic
  • Cybersecurity


  • Binary and hexadecimal codes
  • Notion of electricity and of electronic