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PROTOTYPE PROGRAMME: Reverse Engineering. Photogrammetry in Defence environments (ID 7.11)

Format: Online

Language: English

EQF level: 7

Instructor: D. Sc. Ph. D. Severo Raúl Fernández Vidal and D. Sc. Ph. D. Ana Pilar Valerga Puerta

Hours: 2h + 10h asynchronous

Host institution: University of Cadiz (Spain)

Description of the course

Photogrammetry is a technology whose purpose is to study and precisely define the shape, dimensions and position in space of any object, essentially using measurements made on one or more photographs of that object. This technique is increasingly replacing other more expensive and complex techniques such as laser scanning for metrology, as well as for obtaining topographic maps of surfaces.

This very short course provides an introduction to photogrammetry and presents the main applications, with a special focus on its performance in defence environments. The current state of the technology and the challenges it faces are also presented.


To learn the basic concepts of reverse engineering and, specifically, of photogrammetry and its applications in defense. Accurately define the shape, dimensions and position in space of any object.


No previous knowledge is required, but it is advisable to have some knowledge of reverse engineering, 3D scanning or photography

This programme is focused on:

  • University students (Master degree)


02 /june/2023 
09:00 – 09:30
Introduction to reverse engineering: capabilities and limitations
02 /june/2023
09:30 – 10:00
Photogrammetry. Specifications.
02 /june/2023
10:00 – 10:30
Software and applications
02 /june/2023
10:30 – 11:00
Practical example

Learning outcomes:

  • Possesses expertise in computer assisted design and reverse engineering, specifically photogrammetry (K1).
  • Possesses specialized knowledge of the technologies and software used with photogrammetry (K2).
  • Performs the whole procedure to obtain a virtual part by photogrammetry (S1).
  • Can define, verify and validate a list of requirements to correctly obtain a 3D virtual model (S2).
  • Is able to minimize work and processing times to obtain a 3D model (S3).
  • Is able to consult experts in case of difficulties to solve the problem on his/her own (C1).
  • Understands the need for lifelong learning (C2).

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