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PROTOTYPE PROGRAMME: 4.4 Circuit boards / Processors / Chips / Electronic equipment

Learn from the basics to some advanced techniques in this 28‐hours free course:

  • Discover embedded computer systems Shield
  • Display a message (i2c LCD screen, SPI LED matrix, I2C 7 Segments LED Display, I2C OLED screen)
  • Explore integrated circuit (power interface, operational amplifier, sensors, rfid reader)
  • Develop skills on motor control (dc motor, servomotor, stepper motor)

Drones relies upon electronic devices connected to an embedded computer programmed to be remote controlled or to act autonomously. The embedded computer works with an operating system which must be installed and updated. To restore it or to clone it, it is necessary to create an image.

To connect more easily electronic devices or to add functionalities, it is common to plug in a shield over the main board. Then, it becomes possible to display a message on various screens, to control different types of motors and acquire sensors data.

The drone is first programmed to work independently. Secondly, server applications allow a wireless communication with a computer by Wi-Fi. RFID cards are often used to access to a safe location. The principle of the technology followed by the process of reading and writing are studied.

Each theorical study is followed by a practical activity which illustrates how to concretely use each electronic device.


17 May 2022

8-12 AM

Printed circuit Boards
18 May 2022

2-6 PM

19 May 2022

8-12 AM

Integrated circuits (sensors, diodes, transistors, operational amplification)
24 May 2022

8-12 AM

Integrated circuits (sensors, diodes, transistors, operational amplification)
25 May 2022

2- 6 PM

Integrated circuits (sensors, diodes, transistors, operational amplification)
31 May 2022

8-12 AM

Servomechanism /control
1 June 2022

2-6 PM

Servomechanism /control

IMPORTANT: This prototype programme is EXCLUSIVE FOR partners of the ASSETs+ consortium and associated stakeholders. If you want to join the ASSETs+ Stakeholders Group and become part of our ecosystem, please, click here.

This programme is focused on:

  • Professionals working in Defence and AeroSpace Industry (up-skilling and re-skilling activities) and
  • University Licence students

Learning outcomes:

  • Solid-state devices understanding
  • Type of displays
  • Printed Circuit Boards review
  • Servomechanisms analyse
  • Electronic devices: sensors, power interface
  • Embedded computer, Shield
  • Motors: Principle and control


  • Interest in scientific subjects and new technologies
  • Notion of electronic
  • Binary and hexadecimal code