Skill Type of skill Presence in ESCO Domain
Ensure availability defence-related skill no C4ISTAR
Ensure connectivity defence-related skill no C4ISTAR
Ensure flexibility defence-related skill no C4ISTAR
Ensure interoperability defence-related skill no C4ISTAR
Ensure safety defence-related skill no C4ISTAR
Ensure security defence-related skill no C4ISTAR
Know STANAG 4607 defence-related skill no C4ISTAR
Know STANAG 4609 defence-related skill no C4ISTAR
Skill in developing and executing comprehensive cyber operations assessment programs for assessing and validating operational performance characteristics. defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in evaluating information for reliability, validity, and relevance. defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in interpreting vulnerability scanner results to identify vulnerabilities. defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in processing collected data for follow-on analysis. defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in providing real-time, actionable geolocation information utilizing target infrastructures. defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in using tools, techniques, and procedures to remotely exploit and establish persistence on a target. defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in using various open source data collection tools (online trade, DNS, mail, etc.). defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in analyzing target communications internals and externals collected from wireless LANs. defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Skill to anticipate key target or threat activities which are likely to prompt a leadership decision. defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Skill to analyze and assess internal and external partner cyber operations capabilities and tools. defence-related skill no Cybersecurity
Electronic Warfare defence-related skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) defence-related skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Geographic information systems (GIS) defence-related skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
IFF systems and anti-surface warfare sensors defence-related skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Radars defence-related skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Routing, trajectory planning, optimisation, guidance and control defence-related skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Satellites defence-related skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Target tracking defence-related skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
administer ICT system technical skill yes C4ISTAR
apply frequency management technical skill yes C4ISTAR
conduct analysis of ship data technical skill yes C4ISTAR
coordinate remote communications technical skill yes C4ISTAR
coordinate technical standards for global interoperability technical skill yes C4ISTAR
develop data link services for navigation purposes technical skill yes C4ISTAR
develop data processing applications technical skill yes C4ISTAR
develop software prototype technical skill yes C4ISTAR
identify service requirements technical skill yes C4ISTAR
implement ICT network diagnostic tools technical skill yes C4ISTAR
innovate in ICT technical skill yes C4ISTAR
interact through digital technologies technical skill yes C4ISTAR
interact with programmer on intention of consultancy work technical skill yes C4ISTAR
know software interaction design and use programming language such as C++, Java and Matlab2 technical skill no C4ISTAR
maintain emergency vehicle equipment technical skill yes C4ISTAR
maintain radio communications equipment technical skill yes C4ISTAR
manage standard enterprise resource planning system technical skill yes C4ISTAR
monitor system performance technical skill yes C4ISTAR
monitor satellites technical skill yes C4ISTAR
operate port communications systems technical skill yes C4ISTAR
oversee development of software technical skill yes C4ISTAR
perform scrambling operations technical skill yes C4ISTAR
perform small vessel navigation technical skill yes C4ISTAR
relay messages through radio and telephone systems technical skill yes C4ISTAR
repair ICT devices technical skill yes C4ISTAR
simplify communication in maritime management technical skill yes C4ISTAR
solve location and navigation problems by using GPS tools technical skill yes C4ISTAR
teach computer science technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use a complex communication system technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use ICT systems technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use mine planning software technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use online communication tools technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use production planning software technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use reservoir surveillance technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use software design patterns technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use specific data analysis software technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use water navigation devices technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use aeronautical mobile service communications technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use automatic programming technical skill yes C4ISTAR
use interface description language technical skill yes C4ISTAR
Skill in applying analytical methods typically employed to support planning and to justify recommended strategies and courses of action. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in applying confidentiality, integrity, and availability principles. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in applying host/network access controls (e.g., access control list). technical skill yes (use access control software) Cybersecurity
Skill in assessing the application of cryptographic standards. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in collecting data from a variety of cyber defense resources. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in conducting capabilities and requirements analysis. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in conducting research using all available sources (including deep web) technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in conducting social network analysis, buddy list analysis, and/or cookie analysis. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in conducting test event and secure test plan design (e. g. unit, integration, system, acceptance) technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in configuring and utilizing network protection components (e.g., Firewalls, VPNs, network intrusion detection systems). technical skill yes (implement a vpn) Cybersecurity
Skill in creating policies that reflect system security objectives. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in data mining techniques (e.g., searching file systems) and analysis. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in deep analysis of captured malicious code (e.g., malware forensics). technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in determining how a security system should work (including its resilience and dependability capabilities) and how changes in conditions, operations, or the environment will affect these outcomes. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in developing and applying security system access controls. technical skill yes (user access control software) Cybersecurity
Skill in developing and deploying signatures. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in developing and executing technical training programs and curricula. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in developing, testing, and implementing network infrastructure contingency and recovery plans. technical skill yes (implement ict recovery system) Cybersecurity
Skill in evaluating the adequacy of security designs. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in extracting information from packet captures. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in implementing, maintaining, and improving established network security practices. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in interpreting results of debugger to ascertain tactics, techniques, and procedures. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in one-way hash functions (e.g., Secure Hash Algorithm [SHA], Message Digest Algorithm [MD5]) and verifying the integrity of all files. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in performing packet-level analysis. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in reading and interpreting signatures (e.g., snort). technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in recognizing and categorizing types of vulnerabilities and associated attacks. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in recognizing and interpreting malicious network activity in traffic. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in researching vulnerabilities and exploits utilized in traffic. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in reverse engineering (e.g., hex editing, binary packaging utilities, debugging, and strings analysis) to identify function and ownership of remote tools. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in reviewing logs to identify evidence of past intrusions. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in securing network communications. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in troubleshooting and diagnosing cyber defense infrastructure anomalies and work through resolution. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in using multiple analytic tools, databases, and techniques (e.g., Analyst’s Notebook, A-Space, Anchory, M3, divergent/convergent thinking, link charts, matrices, etc.). technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in using Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption and digital signature capabilities into applications (e.g., S/MIME email, SSL traffic). technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in using security event correlation tools. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in analyzing essential network data (e.g., router configuration files, routing protocols), network traffic capacity and performance characteristics. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill to anticipate new security threats. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill to apply cybersecurity and privacy principles to organizational requirements (relevant to confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, non-repudiation). technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill to compare indicators/observables with requirements. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Skill to respond and take local actions in response to threat sharing alerts from service providers. technical skill no Cybersecurity
Algorithms technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Analyse big data technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Apply 3D imaging techniques technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Assemble mechatronic units technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Cloud technologies technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Computer programming  (Python, C, C++, R, Java, MATLAB, Lisp, Prolog) technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Control engineering technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Create a product's virtual model technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Decision support systems technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Design control systems  technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Design user interface technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Distributed computing technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Embedded systems technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Functional safety of control systems technical skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Guidance, navigation and control technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Human-robot collaboration technical skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Integrate system components technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Integration of 5G services with Cloud Services technical skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Lead process optimisation technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Machine-machine collaboration technical skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Maintain robotic equipment technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Model Based System Engineering technical skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Perform data mining technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Principles of artificial intelligence technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Real-time computing technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Risk management technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Robot programming technical skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Robotic components technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Run simulations technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Scientific research methodology technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Signal processing technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Use CAD software technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Use localisation tools technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Using digital tools for processing sound and images technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Utilise deep learning technical skill no Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Utilise machine learning technical skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
help people transversal skill yes C4ISTAR
negotiation transversal skill no C4ISTAR
operational resilience transversal skill yes C4ISTAR
persuade transversal skill yes C4ISTAR
provide leadership transversal skill yes C4ISTAR
remain focused transversal skill yes C4ISTAR
solve problems transversal skill yes C4ISTAR
tactical planning transversal skill yes C4ISTAR
team working transversal skill yes C4ISTAR
think critically transversal skill yes C4ISTAR
Complex problem solving      transversal skill Cybersecurity
Conflict Management transversal skill Cybersecurity
Critical Thinking transversal skill Cybersecurity
Skill in communicating with all levels of management including Board members (e.g., interpersonal skills, approachability, effective listening skills, appropriate use of style and language for the audience).  transversal skill Cybersecurity
Skill in documenting and communicating complex technical and programmatic information. transversal skill Cybersecurity
Skill in talking to others to convey information effectively transversal skill no Cybersecurity
Skill in using manpower and personnel IT systems. transversal skill Cybersecurity
Skill in writing about facts and ideas in a clear, convincing, and organized manner. transversal skill Cybersecurity
Skill to prepare and deliver reports, presentations and briefings, to include using visual aids or presentation technology. transversal skill Cybersecurity
Skill to analyze strategic guidance for issues requiring clarification and/or additional guidance. transversal skill Cybersecurity
Adapt to change transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Agile project management transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Analytical thinking transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Demonstrate willingness to learn transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Maintain operational communications transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Solving problems transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Work in an international environment transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Work in an organised manner transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Work in teams transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems
Work independently transversal skill yes Robotics, AI and Autonomous-Systems