Strategy for developing Human Resources in the defence sector

This document aims identifying and describing the methodologies that will be undertaken to implement the strategy for the creation and the development of new skills in Robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems,
and C4ISTAR and Cybersecurity for the Defence sector.

The ASSETS+ project aims at creating a strategy to up-skill Defence students and professionals, including the identification and standardization of the job profiles related to the technologies identified in the project.

The work is divided in three macro technological areas:

– Robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous-systems, addressed by Aalborg University and Rzeszów University of Technology;

– C4ISTAR, addressed by Bordeaux University and Pisa University;

– Cybersecurity, addressed by Carlos III University and Seville University.

The strategy will evolve the ESDP strategy (EUROPEAN DEFENCE SKILLS STRATEGY 2020‐ 2024) by identifying concrete actions, best practices, projects and set of activities to match demand and supply of skills. Moreover, it will be built upon the Defence Technology Roadmap, the Skill Blueprint  and  a series of policies, projects and best practices.

The goal of “Technology Mapping” is to map technologies relevant to Defence applications, the  “Emerging skills related to selected techs” aims at understanding the skills demand in the defence sector related to the selected technologies to help design new educational and training programmes. Besides, to present the existing and planned EU, national, regional, and industry-led policies, and other programmes and initiatives aimed at the sustainment and development of defence-related skills.

The results of these tasks will be the foundation of the design of the education and training courses for the Defence sector. They will thus be integrated with the other results with the purpose to address the strategic plan that seeks to identify and fill the skill gaps for Defence students and professionals.

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