Education & Training

PROTOTYPE PROGRAMME: 4.10 Identifying operating problems techniques

Format: Online

EQF level: 5

Language: English

Hours: 20

Host institution: Leonardo Technical Training (Italy)

Learn from the basics to some advanced techniques in this 20‐hours free course:

  • Troubleshoot operating system
  • Input and output mechanism
  • Control Unit mechanism
  • Arithmetic (or processing) unit
  • Storage (or memory) mechanism
  • Technical and digital tools to solve problems with machinery and equipment

IMPORTANT: This prototype programme is EXCLUSIVE FOR partners of the ASSETs+ consortium and associated stakeholders. If you want to join the ASSETs+ Stakeholders Group and become part of our ecosystem, please, click here.

This programme is focused on:

  • Professionals working in Defence and AeroSpace Industry (up-skilling and re-skilling activities) and
  • University Licence students


Session 1 (4h) Session 2 (4h) Session 3
Session 4 (4h) Session 5 (4h)
Techniques for analysing operative problems with control unit machine (2 h) Problem-based learning as operative strategy (4h) Troubleshooting models to address operative problems with control unit machine (4h) Overview of hardware and/or software machines (based on the expected target) (2h) Repair manuals and technical documentation (2h)
Control unit machine Tools (2h) Analysis Tools and equipments (based on the expected target) (2h) Improvement actions (1h)
Exam (1h)

Learning outcomes:

Tools and techniques for analysing operative problems
Problem-based learning as operative strategy
Control unit machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.
Precision measuring equipment (tools, instruments)
Perform machine maintenance

Apply useful models to address operative problems
Analyse equipment requirements and technical problems with machinery or various equipment
Identify improvement actions
Use repair manuals and technical documentation