R2.2 Guidelines for designing defence sector professional standards

Guidelines for designing defence sector professional standards

This Guideline provides information to Education and Training Providers for designing Defence Sector Professional Standards and Qualifications in line with European tools for education (i.e. EQF levels, ECVET, ECTS and ESCO Taxonomy), ensuring their transparency and harmonised implementation across Europe. Based on EWF Sectoral and Modular Approaches, ASSETS+ Qualifications will be comprised of Competence Units written in terms of Learning Outcomes, to be designed based on specific Professional Profiles considered priority in the Defence sector, replying to Industrial skills needs.

R2.1 Pedagogical Approach Overview

Report – Design of the pedagogical approach



This report identifies the pedagogical approaches selected to provide a closer fit to the defense-related skills needed across Europe.
By designing a pedagogical approach dedicated to the Defense Sector, the academic partners aim at providing a guideline to enable European actors to:

  • create new pedagogical programs in light of current challenges,
  • adapt existing pedagogical activities,
  • share common and/or best practices,
  • identify and overcome potential barriers.

December 2020

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