Join the ASSETs+ stakeholders group!

The fast pace of technological evolution leads to challenges in finding workers with the right skills, as these are constantly changing.

ASSETs+ aims to build a sustainable human resources supply chain for the European Defence Industry, that boosts innovation by both attracting highly-skilled young workers and upskilling its employees. Complementary education & training programmes are addressing the following main technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, C4ISTAR* and Cybersecurity.

ASSETs+ is a four year Erasmus+ project, built on close collaboration between Defence Industry, Sectoral Organisations, Higher Education Institutions, Vocational Educational & Training providers and Research Centres, with 30 partners from 8 countries and a broader ecosystem of stakeholders.

Beyond our full partners and associated partners, the ASSETs+ project is part of an open and expanding Defence ecosystem welcoming the participation of associated stakeholders.

ASSETs+ mainly targets defence-related companies and defence industry representatives, individual experts and other stakeholders who have an interest in developing skills and competences in four main technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, C4ISTAR and Cybersecurity aspects, allowing the European defence sector to innovate.

  • Why should you participate?

    – Help define the new ASSETs+ Sectoral Skills Strategy for the Defence sector

    – Enlarge your network in a prestigious context

    – Possibility to participate in pilot implementations

    – Networking and exchange of information regarding the skills agenda in Defence sector

  • What is required of you?

    – Voluntary involvement

    – Engagement free of charge

    – Optional participation to the online surveys, workshops and review of outcomes

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